“Narnia that holds the most beautiful sunset of south of Jeju”


With a magnificent sea view of Songaksan, Marado and Gapado on the southern sea of Jeju,

Narnia is a beautiful structure on where it holds the most beautiful sunset of Jeju.

Narnia is complex healing space where you can enjoy restaurant & café, wine and spa in one place which is in Jeju Inner Gate Bay Hill Pool&Villa.

Narnia is where a box of various programs called “four-color curious room” is layered to contains beautiful sceneries on each.

Narnia bring you to a world latent in a fantasy away from everyday life.



The symbol mark of Narnia contains the meaning of “a place where women are happy”


Narnia’s symbol mark embodies on woman, happiness, panorama ocean view, wine and high-quality restaurant that received three stars on Michelin guide.


A woman holding a wine glass in hand exhibits a happiness tasting Narnia food graciously and three stars on the right hand means Michelin Guide 3 Star.


With the aim of winning recognition from Michelin Guide which is the world’s top restaurant evaluation, we show our ambition to offer different dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients in unique Jeju style.