Head Chef

Bae, Byung Je


2017 – Current Narnia Head Chef

2012 – 2016 Conrad Hilton Head Chef

2004 – Grand Hyatt Paris Grill

2003 – 2004 Starwood Group

In 2003, the Westin Hotel, one of the Starwood hotels, opened its doors to the chef. One year and six months later, he moved to Paris Grill (European Peace Dining), a signature restaurant at Grand Hyatt Seoul. He has been a member of the Conrad Hotel opening in 2012 and has served as a chef and restaurant chef. He has joined Narnia Dining in 2017 and is presently serving his customers as a head chef.

Sous Chef

Jang, Shin Young


2017 – Current Sous Chef

2016.05 – 2017.09 Michelin 1 Star Restaurant

                 “Chang Joji in Tokyo”

2014.11 – 2016.05 Michelin one star restaurant

                 “Amur in Tokyo”

2012.05 – 2014.04 Soul Bar & Bistro in New Zealand

He has studied French cuisine and had been working in New Zealand, Tokyo, Chang Joji and Amur Michelin restaurants since he started hir four years restaurant experience in Australia. He is currently serving as a chef at Narnia’s restaurant and is presenting sensational and original food based on contemporary food.